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2013/06/24 - Don't miss these great tips for using Microsoft Word 2007/2010. . How to Create and Run Macros in Word 2007/2010 the Easy Way · Fill Space in Microsoft Word with Random Text · Use the 'Spike' Feature in Microsoft Word . 2018/11/28 - It's easily the most popular word processor for Windows, so learning some useful Microsoft Word tips to take . Let's say you need to go through a document and pick out certain words/phrases and create a list from them. 2009/11/03 - We have covered a lot of MS Word 2007 tips and tricks and how-to's over the months and we have seen how the Office application can be used to create interesting documents. With decreasing attention spans and more . MS Office and Windows Tips and Tricks . Word 2003. In Excel 2007. Using the Speak Feature in Office 2010. • It also makes it easy to hear text-to-speech playback . Select Speak from the scroll box and add it to your custom Tab and Group. 2007/08/13 - Is the Word 2007 Ribbon getting unwieldy? Mary Ann Richardson explains how you can put your most used commands on the Ribbon -- or move it altogether. 2016/06/02 - These tips apply to any version beyond Word 2007 and in some cases even earlier versions than that. . Even though it might not be the best tool for the job, many people use Word to create layouts in columns and around . 2014/11/15 - You can add AutoText entries in this manner: Select the text and/or graphics that you want to add to AutoText. . You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of Word (Word 2007 and later) here: Creating a Building .


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