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Radiance Light Trends is a software for selecting regions of Earth and examining the trend in light emissions observed by satellite. Interactive world light pollution map. The map uses NOAA/EOG VIIRS/DMSP, World Atlas 2015, observatories overlays and SQM overlay managed by users. 2019/03/11 - Scientists track pollution in the air as well as in the world's oceans, lakes and rivers. And now, there's a simple interactive tool that affords a detailed look at pollution of a different kind: artificial light. The Radiance Light Trends . 2019/03/06 - With the 'Radiance Light Trends' app, it is now possible for someone with no special training to produce a chart showing light trends in under a minute. 'Users can have the development of light pollution calculated for nearly . 2019/03/06 - Interactive light pollution map that helps to find night photography locations. It is very detailed and also provides light trends over time. 2019/03/13 - New interactive map shows light pollution in a world map. . the app within the first few hours of the Spiegel story, and so far today about 9,000 charts of light trends have been generated, with the data downloaded 19 times. The Radiance Light Trends website offers an interactive map where users can see how night light pollution has changed between 1992 to the present. Data is pulled from two satellites. Data from 1993 to 2013 is from the now defunct . 2018/12/28 - Urban expansion, industrial development and air pollution are main drivers for increasing light pollution. Strong correlation was found between light pollution and digital numbers (DN) values at regional scale. The maps . 2019/03/15 - New Light Pollution Map - posted in Light Pollution: Saw this at another astronomy forum, but didnt see news of it here . I predict that I will essentially leave the hobby within five years under present trends at least for backyard .


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