good-looking from hell

2016. 3. 3. - The full phrase would be 'he is as handsome as hell is hot'. It's reinforced by the fact that 'hot' alone is used to refer to a physically attractive person. The rest of the song lyric plays with it even further, by tying in the idea that 'Hell' is were sinners go, but sins can be fun. Saying that 'it is hot as hell' is to over embellish the current temperature by comparing it to that of hell itself . Damm, look at that babe! . Good, nice, great. can be added to any adjective to add emphasis, regardless of whether or not it makes sense to reference hell as an entity. 2015. 3. 18. - Alicia Hansson, 19 who advertised for a 'good looking as hell' flatmate on Facebook, also demanded that applicants had to be 'charming' and know how to put the toilet seat down. The teenager put the ad on a flat-hunting Facebook page in Gothenburg. 2015. 12. 9. - What about good-looking women, you may be wondering. Apparently they don't need to worry, 'as female attractiveness wasn't associated with . 2016. 4. 5. - A BLONDE teenager searching for a new flatmate has been flooded with offers after saying she will only consider blokes that are 'good looking . 2014. 6. 10. - I have never particularly asserted to myself that I am good looking but I have an old habit to stare in the mirror in search for my good looks. Envy like yours is a hell of a good motive for murder. → hellExamples from the Corpusa/one hell of a something• It was one hell of a party.• They had a hell of a . 2015. 3. 17. - We all dream of having a crazy good looking flatmate to live with, but one teenager's pursuit of this dream has resulted in her receiving an .


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